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Our Mission

We, Goichi&Ichigo Vacation Homes, are trying to build long-term meaningful solutions to social problems such as poverty, child abuse and various kinds of discriminations.



We also make a suggestion of assistance that is needed for children in developing countries to guests of vacation rental. When you book villas, you can donate to them at the same time. When you visit and enjoy Japan, someone can smile somewhere at the same time・・・! We hope you enjoy being involved in this project like “Chain of happiness” for a lot of children’s shining smile!

Donation receptacles like the one shown in the photo are set up at every property we list at the Goichi&Ichigo Vacation Homes website. Take a look at the description of this donation can. And if you approve of our effort, please be sure to chip in with any spare change you have left over from your trip before you go home. Small individual efforts like these can add up to a powerful force for good, helping children to become educated and escape poverty. Contributions are collected once a year for donation to schools and various charitable organizations.

Note: Information on annual collection results are available at this website.

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