Have a good vacation.


Our Mission

We, Goichi&Ichigo Vacation Homes, are trying to build long-term meaningful solutions to social problems such as poverty, child abuse and various kinds of discriminations.



What are vacation rentals?

A vacation rental is a system that allows you to rent a furnished room or building. There is no bed-making or towel service and you have to take out the trash yourself, but you can have a more economical and leisurely time than you can at a hotel provided by a travel company.

How is it different to a hotel?

The difference is that there is no reception and no maid service. There is no check-in time so you can arrive when you like! There is no maid service so nobody will interfere with your room! There are no hotel ser vices but the price of your stay is cheap! These are the positives that vacation rentals bring.

Checking in

Often you can take your room immediately regardless of what time you arrive. (Please confirm with the owner)

Checking out

instead of checking out first thing in the morning, you can often check out at your own leisurely pace. (Note as above)

Can children also stay?

Children are welcome to stay at most houses.

What about key delivery? What should I do if I have troubles on-site?

As it is a personal rental with the owner, please ask the individual for more details.

What about security?

As the room or house you rent is the owner's own home or villa, it's normal for the necessary security to already be installed. If you have any concerns, please ask the individual.

Is self-catering possible?

It's possible in most cases. In most cases the kitchen is fully equipped, so you can spend your vacation as you would at home.

Are towels and sheets provided?

As each house is different, please don't forget to check what is provided. Most things are usually provided.

Are amenities provided? (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, etc)?

As each house is different, please don't forget to check what is provided. Usually, people needs to provide these themselves.

Can I smoke?

As some properties have a no smoking policy, please confirm this with the individual.

Can I use the phone?

As some properties are equipped with landline phones, please ask the owner if it is OK to use them. The same applies for Wi-Fi and internet usage.

Is there parking?

When using a villa you can sometimes be a long way from public transport facilities. In this case you will need to rent a car, so you will have to confirm details with the owner.

What should I do about trash?

The disposal methods at each property are different, so please take care to dispose of trash in line with the rules. It's a good idea to confirm these details with the owner too.

Is there a washing machine?

For condominiums there can be a communal laundry space, but there is usually one in the house. Doing your laundry on vacation and saving yourself a job when you get home can be another appealing feature.

Cancellation Policy

The policy is set by the individual owner so you should confirm this with them.


It's surely not an exaggeration to say that the owner of the building is a specialist in the area. For example you should ask them if you want to see sumo wrestling, find out about nice restaurants in the area, or find the best places to shop. It's one of the fun things to look forward to with vacation rentals.